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They are Insects, Humans,

Who try to make the metamorphosis, evolution

These, that in spite of knowing the destruction think of transforming it into creation. And it gathers it in family. 

The likeness about the human with the insect, As a creative being.

Sometimes at the mercy of destruction.

The fusion of individuality, transformation and search for a common equilibrium. The human without contact becomes animal.

The human as an individual in a family. 

Using materials from the remains of massive productions, helping creation within the already destruction. Forgotten and already discarded materials.

In the same piece with organic cottons, handmade crochet, natural wools or even silks, a way to seek balance and metamorphosis.

Collection for men and women 2024/2025. Adaptable and transformable pieces. Divided into different lines, sharing volumes, shapes and finishes to unify it in color and textures. From white, as a nest, it gets dirty, burns, breaks. To black. 

Unifying the looks with the stylist “Arlet Kuns” in collaboration with "Ate.bonita" with handmade jewelry earrings for the collection, silver jewelry from “Lomou" and hand crochet head pieces by “BimboJones”. Visuals on show by “Marta Verde” joining Live music performance by "GigiRos".